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In connection with the development of a new and improvement of the existing tool, new methods of crimping appear. To date, the most common method of connecting the tip and the sleeve is wedge-shaped pressing by pressing and hexagonal, it is also hexagonal.

The wedge-shaped method is well suited for 5th and 6th grade wire. These wires are also called "high-class flexibility wires". The diameter of one vein can start from 0.6 square millimeters, and the number of veins can be several hundred. At the moment of wedge indentation, the wires are pushed apart along the inner radius of the tip. They fit snugly to the walls of the tip and to each other. This gives great mechanical strength and good contact resistance.

In view of this, the company Enerpred has developed a new model of the press for crimping tips and sleeves - PNA09300 with a force of 9,000 kgf.

This tool has a wedge-shaped crimping method. For ease of operation, the rotation angle of the power module relative to the pump module is 360 ° and any position is working.

The wedge-shaped crimping method allows you to compress tips and sleeves of any standard without replacing matrices and makes it more versatile.

The design of the pump module of the press for crimping is 2-stage, so the piston, with a punch attached to it, is accelerated to the pressed part. Next, the 2nd stage of the pumping module is connected and the part is pressed. This tool can be pressed not onlystate standards' tips and sleeves, but also tips and sleeves of any other standard (aluminum, copper, thin-walled, thick-walled, made of a rod or a pipe).

The crimper model PNA09300 is one of the best hydraulic tools for crimping.


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